Social Media Management

We improve outreach and garner new followers through strategic and well thought out targeted campaigns

Social networks have changed the way we live and interact. Brands and businesses now have direct conversations with their customers each day. Mawan empowers brands to make the most of the social media platforms that connect best with their customers. Tap into the most advanced targeting options in Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter to reach your ideal customer on their terms.

We don’t just know social; we live it and breathe it! So, when platforms and behaviors change (which they always do) we’re ready – if not one step ahead. For us, social marketing doesn’t exist in a silo. It’s an integrated approach, not a channel or a set of tactics. As such social marketing sits at the epicenter of media, strategy and creative – creating a truly “social by design” environment.


Social Media Management

Our social media experts leverage the best social networks for your brand’s industry to help gain awareness and traffic. After promoting your brand ethos to your target audience, we will launch ongoing campaigns to effectively engage and organically grow your audience. 


Influencer Marketing

We identify, engage, and manage influencer campaigns through multiple industry-leading platforms to act as super-fans for your brand, leveraging their network to expand your reach and establish social validation.